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I live in Bristol with the long-suffering Chris, having recently moved there from Sheffield. I stitch, read and play computer games but don't like talking to other people much. Socialising is easier on a computer.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Six nations super Saturday = lots of stitching. There’ll be an update on From the Ashes soon, although I did burn out halfway through the England game. Too much turquoise. I then made actual progress on the bourse I'm making for my mum but need more ribbon. I'm sooo close to a finish on that. And minor progress on Persian Iris Garden - it's a boring part at the moment so I'm trying to make myself put one line of thread in per week. Every stitch is progress, right?

I’ve also started knitting again, because I’m weak and am easily seduced by pretty yarn. I’m using lace weight silk to knit a lacy shawl and am thinking I may be crazy. It is growing quite fast but takes a lot of effort and concentration.

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