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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've had a nightmare time trying to get train tickets lately. I ordered a batch online - we're going up north for a wedding and are tying it in with visits to friends. They didn't turn up so I rang the helpline. Four times they told me they would be waiting at the station for me and it was only on the fourth day I finally got my last two tickets. I'm fuming and I essentially lost a week of sewing because it all took up so much time.

Added to which, I have an upset stomach and so am off work today, sitting within easy reach of a toilet. No doubt more information than anyone wanted.

Anyway, I've reached a good point to stop on Sophia's UFO so I'm going to parcel it up and send it on. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better later on and can nip out to the post office.

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