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Friday, January 04, 2008

Belated Christmas and New Year wishes!

We went away to the in-laws for Christmas and I couldn’t face attempting to fight for computer time (especially as the computer spent much time broken and being fixed). Three computer users to one computer, all with time on their hands, is not a good ratio. So instead I stitched like a lunatic and there will be a picture of my progress on the Taj Mahal mandala when I get round to it.

What with computer fixing issues and five people in one house it wasn’t the most relaxing Christmas ever. Also, I phoned my parents on Christmas day to hear that my mum was really ill. Essentially, they cancelled Christmas until she was better and my poor dad had bacon and egg for Christmas dinner.

This made me more stressed because the plan had been that we’d come home from the in-laws Boxing Day late afternoon, have one night at home and then head up to see my parents for a couple of nights. (Being my reward for spending Christmas at the in-laws.) Luckily, we got the all clear on Boxing Day that the antibiotics had kicked in (my mum was actually able to talk) and that if we wanted to risk infection we could come up. So far neither of us seems to have come down with anything but, being the heartless sort, I will persist in calling mum Typhoid Mary for a little longer.

Still no computer time as my parents’ Internet was down – Chris fixed that as well – and I’ve been catching up since.

I finished a couple more of the items for my mum’s Christmas present and I also finished Sampler Mystery II for Chris’ nan’s Christmas present. I do have pictures and will get around to putting them up, um, sometime. Really, I will.

I intend to go a bit insane (at least for me) with guilt free January and so have made 3 new starts with at least one more planned. The 3 I’ve already started are HAED From the Ashes (the Rosario one with no background), Vonnie & Hilda’s Fire Fairy and Indigo Rose The Bee Charmer. I may finish the last one by the end of January, in which case it will not count. I want to get some of my serious big pieces finished this year and will spend far less time stitching for others or to deadlines. Apart from the UFO RR I’ve signed up to which also does not count as it is effectively like working on my own piece. I’m excited to know what I’ll get to stitch on.

I would like to reduce my Chatelaine WiPs to no more than 2 at once. I only have 3 at the moment (Taj, PIG and WG) but I so badly want to start the Egyptian and Japanese mandalas. This I must not do.

I’m reinstating a rotation, which I have already not stuck to. From the Ashes is up first week of every month but, while I started it, I need some other colours to really continue so am having to wait for them to arrive (I added them to another order [blowing my newly created monthly stash budget] I was making – I can’t face heading out to the shops this early in January).

I think I should really shut up now. Will try to be a good girl with pictures on the weekend.

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