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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There should be pictures. Unfortunately, it just didn’t occur to me.

On Saturday, my mum and I went to show at Exeter with my craft club. It was a fantastic day, but utterly exhausting. I came back with quite a haul of beading kits (some of them were Christmas tree ornaments my mum asked me to make up for her) and couldn’t resist starting one on Sunday while my mum was doing the finishing on some knitting I’ve been doing (which has been preventing me from stitching). I’m not an experienced knitter and some things are beyond me so she’d promised to finish them up for me. I was also a bad girl and left the weaving in of ends to her as well. But it serves her right for not letting me buy one of the Rajmahal kits I saw. Apparently, I have plenty to do and don’t need to be learning more new techniques – I spy an ulterior motive as she wants me to do something similar to my Spirit of the Southwest for her. I can see me ordering one with my Christmas money.

Anyway, I finished two gorgeous, sparkly snowflakes/stars for her to take back with her and totally forgot to take a picture. I’m kicking myself.

Ah, well, at least progress is now being made on the tiger again so maybe I’ll have a photo of that to show in a week or so.

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