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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Goals. So I should have some probably. Well fortunately I already do. I'm participating in the Lent SAL over on the Chatelaine EZboard and set myself the following goals:
1. Finish Japanese Octagon Box (box bottom, fob)
2. Work on White Lightning until I have a discernible tiger (discernible to other people, not just me...)
3. Finish gates and centre on Evening in the Park
4. Finish first Taj on Taj Mahal Garden
5. Finish trees on C18th Southern Garden

And in the time-honoured tradition of stitching goals everywhere, I immediately decide to do something else instead. (The intention is "as well" but we all know what really happens). So now I need to finish Cliffside Beacon sufficiently before 14 April to get it framed for my mother-in-law's birthday. It's up next week in the rotation so maybe I can actually get it finished that week.

Oh look, I see a large sow cruising at 50000 feet.

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